Hello world…

So, got to design a blog for work! Thought i’d setup one up to see what’s it’s all about. So this might turn into the ramblings of a desperate man looking for attention in a medium where it’s totally saturated with peoples opinion. A little late to the game, and definitely overwhelmed.

I have a plan though, keep posts short, very short. Don’t get serious, don’t offend anyone and don’t mention brexit. Don’t use Grammarly, i’m not fussed if there’s typos or mistakes. There’s a time and a place for perfection (eg. during brain surgery or sandwich making) not here.

I have had a couple of likes already and haven’t even set it up properly yet. Just worried they might be fake likes or worse automated from wordpress (LOL). So if you do like something, leave a comment so I know your real, and leave some tips on what I could do to improve this blog.

Note to self: don’t ever use ‘LOL’ again, it sucks, and is the ultimate form of laziness of expression when communicating. And don’t use ‘ROFL’, people know you never roll on the floor when laughing that would be ridiculous… you’d just look like your in pain.

Oh and sorry for any adverts that pop up here there, it’s down to me being a cheap skate and not paying for a host… oh and the URL it’s awful I know, but it is unique and very memorable (LOL… last lol!).

There’s some fake text below, I always look at fake text and try to make sense of it. Or at least find some amusing words or phrases. There might be more around the place so enjoy it, and don’t think I have gone bonkers.

This rabble is from Hipsum, which does cooler than usual placeholder text. Slightly embarrassing because it reads more interestingly than my text.

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